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About Me

I am an artist based in Nottingham, United Kingdom.

My work explores dreamlike states and mysterious moods through bold brushstrokes and vivid colours, inviting the viewer to drift away into a magical world.


I am inspired by unusual subjects and the beauty of nature.  My favourite subjects to paint are birds, animals, insects, foliage, flowers and cakes.

In the process of creating my paintings, I follow my gut feeling and capture my subconscious by putting intense emotion into my brushstrokes so that I can convey both the energy of the subject and the euphoria and deep connection I feel when I paint to the viewer.  I like to experiment with colour and use different techniques to express the mood of the painting I have imagined. My preferred medium is oil paints, but I also like to work with mixed media techniques. 



2022 Art In The Gardens , Sheffield Botanical Gardens , Sheffield, UK


2022 Art In The Gardens, Wildlife and Animals award

2020 Milan Art Club, Symbolism contest - Judges' Choice Winner (Painting “Grace”)

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